By Katie Cameron

No one has to be reminded that our country has been deeply affected by the renewed awareness of the mistreatment of our Black citizens. The police violence directed at members of our Black community has given rise to greater awareness, protests, policy debate and some policy changes…

By Andy Wilson

To those of us focused on building startup communities and innovation ecosystems, Brad Feld stands out as our unofficial “spiritual leader.” I vividly recall Brad speaking at the Cahill auditorium at Caltech in 2012 just as he released his seminal book “Startup Communities” where he defined his foundational “Boulder Thesis” and the “#givefirst” mindset. His framework and philosophy provided the blueprint for my efforts to better organize and resurrect Pasadena’s startup community which ultimately led to the creation of Innovate Pasadena, an organization that has had a transformative impact on the vibrancy of the East Los Angeles startup community.

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Andy Wilson is the Executive Director of the Alliance for SoCal Innovation. You can also find him on Linkedin and the Alliance website.

By Andy Wilson

Here at the Alliance for SoCal Innovation, we are fortunate to work closely with a number of leading corporations in the SoCal region who are aligned and committed to elevating the region as a global center for innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s a credit to many of these…

Alliance for SoCal Innovation

The goal of the Alliance is to nurture and accelerate the growth of Southern California's technology and life sciences innovation ecosystem.

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