A 2020 Resolution You Can Keep: Embrace Corporations as Drivers of Innovation

By Jenn Fernandez

Eric Eide, Andy Wilson, Jenn Fernandez, and Terang Kim (left to right)

When we think of “innovation”, we typically envision caffeinated startup founders working through the night in a basement or garage, bootstrapping their ventures and stretching every penny of funding they scraped from friends and family. But, in reality a lot of innovation is driven by larger corporations and so I propose that in 2020 we resolve to broaden our view of innovation to include these pillars of our communities who contribute so much to the ecosystem.

I was reminded of this during a recent visit to a Southern California Edison (SCE) Lab based in Westminster, CA. SCE has several labs where teams of engineers look for innovative solutions to crucial energy issues such as “smart home devices” to optimize energy consumption in the home, “smart garages” to effectively and economically charge electric vehicles, energy storage, and improving their infrastructure to support public safety.

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Jenn Fernandez is Corporate Partnerships and Innovation at the Alliance for SoCal Innovation. You can also find her on LinkedIn and the Alliance website.