SoCal is reinventing how we reach for the stars

By Steve Gilison

As an Alliance devoted to “innovation”, we’ve done a lot of thinking about the meaning of the word and how to best harness it to create economic gain for the region. Last year we engaged Bulldog Drummond, an extremely talented brand agency based in San Diego, to help us articulate the power and essence of SoCal’s unique innovation ecosystem. Among the many insights they uncovered, here’s one that has proven prescient:

“Whether it was Hollywood of the 50s, the cultural revolution of the 60s, the green movement of the 70s or the tech revolution of the last few decades, SoCal innovators have always lived and breathed new ideas. From Santa Barbara to San Diego, Irvine to Riverside — different orientations, backgrounds, perspectives, expertise and passions come together to create something new. So, whether it’s a team of scientists pushing the frontiers of the human experience in Sorrento Valley or a group of astrophysicists imagining and designing the next generation of space exploration in El Segundo, SoCal’s diverse community is working together to create and commercialize some of the world’s most radically different ideas.”

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Steve Gilison is Head of Programs and Operations at the Alliance for SoCal Innovation. You can also find him on Linkedin and the Alliance website.